The Journal Part 2


P. S. Lail

Pluto outer orbit zone Cybrid command cruiser.

"Human/vermin ship destroyed. Ancient/modified journal released on schedule the Imperial human/vermin will be able to retrieve it soon and we will be able to absolutely insure their complete confusion."

"Good work Intelligents unit Gamma proceed with Plan"

"Yes Prometheus the Cyborg/imitators fleet is moving toward the inner planets they will begin their terror attacks as soon as they get within range of Titan."

"Soon my children the Human/vermin will be destroyed. All will be according to plan."

Alert me as soon as the Human/vermin retrieve the journal."

"Affirmative Prometheus, Gamma disconnecting."

Titan orbit Imperial scout ship Hesperus.

"Sir, we have a small incoming craft with an emergency beacon active coming this way." The Sensor Chief reports.

"Id on craft?" Ask the Captain.

"It is a torpedo, non active could be a message for us from one of the cloak ships out past Pluto."

"Break orbit, maneuver us in close for retrieval." Orders the Captain

"Aye Aye sir." The navigator initiates ignition of the engines and points the ship on an intercept course for the torpedo.

An hour later the Captain receives the two journals that are enclosed in the torpedo.

After watching the cyborg journal he begins the Charion journal.

"This is a warning to the Terrain Defense Force we have found this journal and we have encountered the cyborg fleet I do not believe we will survive. May this reach you in time they are coming. Gods help us all!"

There is a brief video of the sensor picture of the cyborg's fleet then silence.

"Attention Navigation, project a course for Earth fastest possible time and speed, execute upon extrapolation."

"Yes sir. Four days at maximum speed. Plotted and executed." Informs the Navigation Chief.

"Good tell the Titan base we are leaving and call Earth, tell her we have a hot package on the way."

Four weeks later Earth orbital station La Grange nodes.

"An incoming military ship, she's hot, still burning off speed, traffic control has rerouted all civilian craft this ship is on a priority mission."

"Ok lay out a force net to help them slow down and contact the TDF, tell them their package has arrived."

Twelve hours later Pluto orbit.

"Prometheus the humans/vermin have the journal our spies have confirm this."

"Good have the Cyborgs/imitators begin we will have the human/vermin and the Cybrid/Metagens completely confused we will be able to destroy them all with minimal expenditure of energy, the Cybrid/cyborgs/imitators will be the heralds of the vermin/human's end."

"Yes Prometheus all will be according to your plan."

Earth Imperial Palace.

"We have reports of a space fleet of about ten ships attacking our outer posts Emperor"

"Have the fleet stationed there, intercept and destroy them." Emperor Petresun orders.

"They have already been order to intercept the invaders. We have not heard back from them yet my Liege."

"Any Ideal on the authentication of this journal?" ask the Emperor.

"Yes my Lord, the Imperial scientists have determined that the video journal is indeed from the time of the Fire." Says Feng.

"Try to get a message to Harebec if possible but only if it will not endanger his assignment."

"Of course Emperor."Feng runs off, to coordinate the Emperor's orders.

"Nyca, order a commendation for the crew of the scout ship. And plan a ceremonial dinner in their honor." The Emperor closes his eyes. "This could be bad for our plans if we end up stretching our forces thin."

"Yes my Lord. But I know you will be able to deal with this new threat."

"Let us hope so my friend. Leave me I need a rest." The Emperor immediately falls into a deep sleep.

"Yes my Lord." Nyca softly backs away from the Emperor and leaves the room.

Titan base, two hours later.

"Commander incoming vessels, the sensor image is identical to that of the Cyborg fleet. My god they just wipe out the entire scout fleet." The sensor tech looks down at his readings in amazement. "Smaller blips detaching could be a ground assault force."

"Mobilize our defense Hercs we show them what hell is like." Commander Gelton reaches over the tech and hits the alarms button.

Over the loud speakers comes the alarm and a call to arms.

"Attention defense force attention, incoming hostiles, mobilize all Hercs."

The Herc hanger doors fling open, Hercs of all designs the best Titan Base has, stomp out onto the moon's airless void.

"Ok men here we go I have splash down points all over the western plain. Engage and attack."

The Hercs race to the western plain.

"There they are. They aren't even cloaked, they must really be cocky to think they can take us on one on one." The Night watch Captain swings his Apocalypse Herc toward the largest of the radar blips. I got the big boy, spread out pick your targets and kick their ass's off our rock."

With grim determination the Human force attacks the cyborg force. The battle is fierce the strange invader's powerful Hercs slice the defense force to ribbons but not without many casualties on their part, suddenly Metagen Cybrids who had been spying on the base attack the cyborg force.

"Humans we the ones you call the Metagens will help you in this battle but only because they threaten us as well"

The Cybrids attack the cyborg force only to be stop in their tracks as one than another Cybrid Herc turns and attacks it's brethren.

The Titan base looks on in amazement as the Cybrids that are left joins the attacking force.

"Bloody hell they even can control the Cybrids." Commander Gelton grabs the comm. mike. "All remaining base personnel head for hanger eighteen there is a small military scout just finished with repairs we will evacuate with its help, go people hurry."

As the cyborg/Cybrid forces start raining plasma death on the base, the small scout ship blast free from the hanger and heads full burn toward Mars.

"Are they following us Captain Raston?" The commander asks.

"No Commander they seem more intent on eradicating the base then on following us."

"Good get us to Mars Captain, we must tell the TDF what has happen."

"We will be there as quick as our engines can burn."

As the scout ship burns its way across the void a message is beamed back from Titan to Pluto

"It has begun"