"Honey, shouldn't we head back home."

As the middle age man looks over at the beautiful brunette he calls his wife he replies, "why Jill honey you in a hurry to return to the real world?"

"Not really Mark but remember you have a meeting with the Joint Chief's at ten in the morning, and you want to be fresh. It is almost 8:30, it'll take an hour or more to get back." Jill replies. "Okay We'll turn around at the next side . . . Hey, what's that," Mark slows the car as he looks off in the distance at a point of light coming at them.

"What is it, a helicopter?" Jill asks.

"I don't think so, I don't hear anything." Just then the car dies, Mark tries in vain to restart the engine. "Honey I don't like this that light is coming right at us."

Jill reaches over and hits the electric lock button it does not respond, she hits it again and again the button refuses to lock the doors. "Mark, the doors won't lock."

"Of course not darling the battery is dead that has to be why the car wont crank."He says as he looks over at his frighten wife."Just calm down, everything's fine, it's probable just a bad battery."

"Mark!" Jill shouts, pointing out the window.

Mark turns to see light then darkness, the darkness is all around him now he hears his name but it seems far away, now someone is shaking him dragging him back, back from the darkness and into the light.

Mark, Mark honey please wake up you're scaring me honey, honey please wake up."Jill shakes him with all her strength.

"Oh ah god, My head." Mark groans an opens his eyes. For a few seconds everything wavers in and out. "What happen?"

"I don't know, I remember us driving then seeing that light right over the car then waking up beside of you still parked in the middle of the road where the car died." Jill answers.

"Except that the car isn't dead anymore." He says

"What do you mean?"

The Light and radio are back on, lets see if the motor will start. Mark turns the key instantly the powerful sports car's engine roars to life.

"Mark, look at the clock, we've been out for two hours."

Mark looks at the clock then he looks around at the sides of the road.

"Honey, I don't like this, I feel like we're being watched, lets get out of here."

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