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GENERAL: The mission of the Assault Squad is to manuevre to engage and destroy the enemy. Assault Squads make up the real attack force of our group and they will undergo the heaviest of fighting. The Assault Squad will have to decipher many tactical formations and defensive techniques. It will work together as a team and in conjunction with other squads to destroy the enemy using concentrated firepower, and to capture enemy installations. The squads will consist of mainly medium/medium-heavy HERCs, equipped with a mixture of weapons systems for medium- and close-ranged fighting.

VEHICLES USED: Vehicles need to be able to carry a balance of offensive as well as defensive systems, and they need to manuevre effectively. HERCs that could be used include the Apocalypse (Knights), Basilisk (Knights), Gorgon (Knights), and Minotaur (Knights). Tanks useful for this mission include the Dreadlock, Myrmidon (Knights), and possibly the Harebec's Predator.

COMPUTERS AND SENSORS: Good targeting is essential, and vehicles should carry the best system possible. While sensors are not of primary importance to the Assault Squad, each section leader should carry a sensor with good active capability. When piloting tanks, it is highly recommended that one converts his/her sensors to passive, due to the hostile enviornment.

SPECIALS: The Assault Squad should consider mounting special systems which increase survivability. A Shield Amplifier is a good choice, as is the Shield Capacitor. An Auxiliary Power Storage unit is recommended for HERCs using multiple energy weapons. Overall, the two most important and highly recommended pieces of equipment are the Shield Modulator and the Shield Capacitor. If only one is applicable, then the Company suggests you choose the Shield Modulator (commonly known as the SMOD).

ARMOR AND SHIELDING: Use the best shields and armor your HERC can carry. DURAC or QUICK armor, and a Cybrid Theta Shield Generator are recommended. If using the tactical Theta Shield Generator, chances of survival may be higher if Crystaluminum Armor is used in conjunction. If any other shield generator is in use, it is preferred to use the Duracylic Armor. Only tanks are allotted the Quick-Silver Nano Armor as the highest ranked armor.

WEAPONS: The Assault Squad should mount a good mixture of close- to medium-ranged weapons that work well together. Typical weapon choices would be Heavy Blasters, MFACs, Heavy Lasers, Railguns, ELF's, EMP's, and EMC's. Remember that almost all energy-weapons do serious shield damage, and a squad that already has two energy-equipped HERCs may be able to make effective use of two other ballistic only-armor eaters. A note of caution here: Again you may find yourself far away from a reload pad during battle and an empty ballistic-only HERC makes an easy target and could put your unit in a bad situation if you have to withdraw in order to reload.


GENERAL: The mission of the Fire Support Squad is to lay down long range covering fire for advances and withdrawals, or to be the anchor of the defensive line. The Fire Support Squad will almost always work together as a squad-sized unit. It will consist of heavy or medium HERCs, equipped with long ranged weapons systems.

VEHICLES USED: Vehicles need to be able to carry a large payload. Manuevrability is a secondary concern. HERCs that could be used include the Apocalypse (Knights), Olympian, Gorgon (Knights), and Basilisk (Knights). In addition, tanks may be used to help back-up the larger units, such as the Olympians. If this holds true, then tanks shall move in pairs, cloaked, and with sensors in passive mode. A booster pack is optional for a Harabec's Predator, but, with a Dreadlock, it is highly recommended.

COMPUTERS AND SENSORS: An Advanced Targeting System is important for acquisition of enemy targets and for accuracy at long range. Sensor packages are also important features of vehicles in this unit, since long-ranged target acquisition is a necessity. Careful consideration should be taken to mount the sensor with the longest active range, and the best active resolution.

SPECIALS: Fire Support vehicles should consider mounting an Anti-Gravity Module and a Universal Ammo Pack, since long-ranged weapons and ammunition tend to be both heavy and low on ammunition. Remember - you can never have too much ammunition.

ARMOR AND SHIELDING: If all goes well on the battlefield, the Fire Support Squad will not face heavy enemy fire. Unfortunately, things go wrong. So a good armor/shield combination is a necessity. DURAC or QUICK armor, and a Cybrid Theta shield generator are recommended.

WEAPONS: It's always best to hit the enemy when he/she can't hit back. Consequently, the Fire Support squad should mount weapons that have a maximum range of at least 1000m. Typical weapon choices would be Minion missiles, MFACs, Blasters/Heavy Blasters, Blast/Heavy Blast Cannons, and Railguns. Missile projectiles are generally not used in skirmishes/battles, but, in some cases, they are allowed. For the Company's purposes, we recommend no one attempt to master the missles for common use.


GENERAL: Missions will include scouting ahead, identifying potential targets or threats, enemy base observation, cloaked quick strike missions, and covering the flank/rear of other company units. Units must be adept to work as a squad, in sections of two, or occasionally even alone. Typically, Recon units tend to work in less structured formations than the rest of the company. The Recon squad will consist of light HERCs and tanks equipped primarily for stealth and sensor range with light support weapons.

VEHICLES USED: Recon vehicles need to be fast and manueverable. HERCs that could be used include the Talon (Knights), Minotaur (Knights) and Emancipator. Tanks also make excellent Recon platforms due to the extra specials they can mount. Preferred tanks include the Paladin (Knights), Harabec's Predator, and the Disrupter (Knights).

COMPUTERS AND SENSORS: Sensor packages are the single most important feature of vehicles in this unit. Careful consideration should be taken to mount the largest possible sensor with a good passive capability for stealth missions. These include (based on your mount size) the Crossbow, Longbow, Emission Scanning, Infiltrator, and Standard.

SPECIALS: Recon vehicles, due to the nature of their duties, must include a cloak and a speed enhancing special such as a Turbo Booster. An extra battery is also recommended if room permits. The third special should be something acquiescent to the surrounding hostile vehicles. For instance, if the opposing team has a Knights Disruptor, the tank should have a Field Stabilizer. Tanks should take out opposing tanks as a first priority due to their slyness. Secondary objectives are to take out the larger vehicles from behind.

ARMOR AND SHIELDING: Although armor and shields are a secondary concern, they should not be neglected. A good shield for a scout is the Protector or the Fast Charge Shield Generator, which allows the HERC's energy weapons to charge fast. A good stealth armor is Carlam, which reduces the radar signature of the vehicle carrying it. If the tank, for some unknown reason, fights in a battle with the Assault Squads, Quick-Silver Nano Armor is highly recommended.

WEAPONS: The Recon Squad should consist of 2 vehicles with close-ranged support weapons and the larger 2 vehicles with long-ranged fire power. Typical weapons used would be ELF's, PBW's, Heavy Lasers, Blasters, CLAS, ATC's, RAILs, EMP's, and EMC's. Ammunition-dependent weapons may not be the best of choice as Recon units typically spend most of their time deployed away from re-supply centers.