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Vehicle Configurations

Click here to download the 9th's vehicle configurations. These configurations are that of utmost popular amongst the Starsiege players, and that of the most effective. All of these configurations, in exception for the tanks, use the shield modulator and the shield capacitor. These are key parts to every herc configuration and makes them what they are. If you do not know how to use the smod or the scap, consult your Pilot Guide, or fill out a training form to learn them.

Unzip them into your vehicle folder under the C:\Dynamix\Starsiege directory. If you need help with this, e-mail me and I will reply within 48 hours. Please also download the 9th's skins under the download link. Unzip those in your skins folder under the same directory. Enjoy!

Configurations for different vehicles are always changing as time goes by, so, the webmasters will do their job, to the best of their abilities, to continually supply this page not of the most commonly used configurations, but of the most effective/valuable configs. If any of you have ideas of configurations for any type of vehicle, feel free to contact the webmaster.