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Joining the 9th Legion

In order to enlist for the Legion, you need to meet a few expectations..

1: Please get ICQ, it helps with communication. Click here, and to go to their page to download it.
2: Please do not put other players down, and do not use vulgarity in the servers, as this will result in a possible demotion in rank.
3: You can use any weapons you want, just remember other people around you might not like them. If you so choose to boat with missle projectiles, mines, or anything of the sort, you must remove Legion tag, and you may place the tag back on, only after the boating frenzy is over with.
4: You have to attend practices as much as possible. The times for them are on the Weekly Events webpage or on the bottom of the Squads webpage. Any changes in these practice times will be announced via email/message board(private board)/newswire.
5: Check the message boards on a daily basis or as much as you can. I cannot stress how important this is. It helps keep everyone informed on Company or squad battles. If this is not done and you are not an active member, the removal of your name will take place, and you shall no longer bear the 9th Imperial Legion tag.
6: Understand the way the Squads work; click here to read about the Squad's basic tactics.
7: You must read and agree to the terms of our constitution; it is our code that you must follow while under the 9th Imperial Legion's tag. Click here to view it. If you do not agree, do not bother sending in an application.

If you feel that you meet these requirements, by all means, soldier, please submit an application, and a 9th Imperial Legion Recruitment Officer will respond as soon as possible.