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Mission Statement

Our main goal as a squad is to be as faithful to the Starsiege back-story as possible. We want to set the standard for what it means to be a 'storyline' squad. One of the ways we think the game can be made more exciting is by role-playing. Squad members will be encouraged to learn as much about the Starsiege universe as possible, and players may want to create a Starsiege 'alter-ego', with a personal history which will appear on the 9th Legion website. During squad events, players will be encouraged to stay 'in character'. We believe there are enough 'elite' squads out there. While the 9th Imperial Legion is not a poor quality unit by any means, it is not an elite unit - it does not hold with the quaint values of honour and chivalry endorsed by 'elite' units such as the Imperial Knights.
We believe these ideals are fine within the confines of the Emperor's court, but they have a limited place on the battlefield where it's kill or be killed (we don't want to make prospective members feel they can't be "honorable" if they wish, we just do not endorse it as a squad). When Prometheus returns, honour is not going to win any battles, and the cybrids won't care how chivalrous we are. Our unit stresses teamwork and tactics. We will have regular training meetings, and we will engage in regular tactical battles with other teams. Members will be encouraged to attend these meetings, but attendance is by no means compulsory (we want everyone to have fun - we don't want rules to interfere with that). We want the unit to remain relatively small - hopefully we can keep it a Company-sized unit (18 members), but we may eventually branch out and fill other companies within the battalion.